Saturday, December 13, 2008

oops - of last post

early on in the tour we went through a tunnel and the guide apologised in advance that there would be nothing to see. Never mind, he went on - he would sing to us. Which he did - a passably tuneful rendition of "Love me tender" It lasted exactly the length of the tunnel and was all very well EXCEPT that he sang it to yours truly, sitting in the front seat!!! My face clashed horribly with my top! :-)


theKiwi said...

Well I guess neither of you will ever see the other again, so it doesn't really matter :-)

Christine said...

Great to hear you're well on your way and having some adventures already. Looking forward to more news.

Louise said...

Yay! I feel better now that I know you are not lost over the Pacific somewhere or worse still stuck doing a duet with Elvis in HK!