Saturday, December 13, 2008

elvis is alive and well in HK

Well the 6 hour trip nearly was that but not because the guide intended it to be so. There were 37 of us which posed problems right from the start. I don't think I've ever been counted quite so often in such a short space of time! First stop the lookout over the Tsing Ma bridge and HK in general - apologies to those who know HK if the spelling isn't correct. It took 9 months of continuous spinning and twirling to get the suspension cables, which fan out like ribbons off maypoles, sufficiently spun and twirled to perfection. Impressive. Not so the smog which marred the view unfortunately. Next stop was in traffic - for the best part of an hour...Then the stars walk which was somewhat ho hum (sorry Jackie Chan fans) then the ferry over the harbour which was fun then the Ma Mo temple which was interesting. I shouldn't have gone in because by now I was ravenous and the incense nearly made me keel over but also because sight-seeing in someone's place of worship, when they are actually there worshipping, doesn't seem right. It's the equivalent of the tourists popping into a St Mag's Founders' Day service for a bit. Anyway out I popped before I dropped. Last thing was 15 minutes - 15! 15! 15! You understand?? looking at the antique shops. Unfortunately it wasn't until the 14th minute that I found the tea shop with the old teapots. However I might as well have been a straggler because the 3 Swiss chappies thought he said 50 and the irascibility guage on the guide had risen to near boiling point by the time they'd been hunted down :-) I could have bought a dozen teapots!

Anyway someone is breathing down my neck wanting the computer. Back to "A spot of bother" by Mark Haddon -thanks Christine :-)

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