Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's a long way to's a long way to go

hi all. We're in Solwezi, about 6-7 hours from Kalene, depending on road condition and which kamikaze driver is at the wheel. We're here to hopefully sort out Fi's work permit in the morning in time to catch the bus back to Mwililunga at 2pm. Or 12pm. Or 3pm.... if the paperwork is finished we'll be there waiting from 12!! We got a ride from Kalene to M/lunga yesterday in a mission vehicle that left with 30 mins notice! That was the hairy part of the drive - bouncing in and out of potholes at a very fast clip. Today's journey has been much more comfortable, partly because the road, for the most part, is much better, but also because Charlie believes in making his vehicles last!! We stayed with him last night as he is on the way to Harare for Christmas. he's a most interesting person - attached loosely to the Mission but very much his own person. He dropped us at a guest house that he knew - always good to have local knowledge. You have to position yourself rather carefully on the broken loo seat but otherwise it's fine!!

Solwezi isn't exactly a tourist destination - in fact Charlie described it as a dump - and it is pretty uninspiring. It's been raining so the paths are muddy, there's litter everywhere but it's lively and we found an internet cafe! We ate lunch at the guesthouse and are fast learning to order "nshima" - the local staple - which comes with "relish" ie some vegetables!!

Out of time - will hopefully update once back at Kalene - hopefully by Tues.


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