Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I do and don’t and will and won’t miss….

I do miss
• The rest of my family and other animals (with apologies to Gerald Durrell)
• Fresh dairy, especially cheese. Had some rubber stuff when first here but nowt since
• Abundant veges, especially leafy greens
• A decent sharp knife!
• Comfortable chairs
* The belt that keeps my shorts up!

I don’t miss
• Stress
• Junk mail
• NCX (sorry SJ!)

I won’t miss
• The ‘shocking’ kettle
• Mossie nets
• Ironing towels after forgetting to bring them in before dusk (refer earlier post)
• The leaky iron
• The heat – and yes I know this isn’t the hot season!
• Living in a goldfish bowl :-(

I will miss
• Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes – also fresh pineapple and monster avocadoes
• The people I’ve met here – most of them! :-)
• Walking up Kalene Hill
• Spectacular thunder and lightning – and the way the rain cools things down…for a bit….sort of :-)
• The greater reliance on self and on having to ‘make do’ – a bit tedious at times but ultimately good for the soul
• The whole experience of doing something totally ‘outside the square’

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